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“I have been a patient of Dr.Martin's since 1996, when she was located in the suburbs near where I still live. I was so pleased when she set up her office in Chicago, since I work there. I had Sciatica and with her techniques, it was not long before I was pain free. I try to go for maintenance quarterly now. I have also thrown my ribs out of alignment and have foot problems. Dr.Martin has helped me greatly with these problems. I appreciate her care and concern and feel she can help people with a variety of health problems "


"I am glad I came to Dr.Martin on a friend's recommendation. I had at that time reduced capacity with my right hand and throbbing pain in my wrist and arm. Another doctor wanted to surgically remove a cyst from my wrist. Thanks to Dr.Martin global approach, the real cause of my pain was identified and treated thru different chiropractic techniques. After a few months, I fully recovered the use of my right and the pain went away. I still see her for regular spinal adjustments that help reduce the frequency of my migraines, another reason I am seeing Dr.Martin. Since then, I have recommended her to different people who are, to my knowledge, very pleased with the results”


“Hey Dr.Martin,

I was skeptical of chiropractic medicine until I actually went for treatments. I was experiencing shooting pains in my wrists and shoulders. I am a pianist for a Chicago Opera company and I was very worried about possible tendonitis or carpal tunnel interfering with my career. Dr.Martin was kind and professional and fixed me up in less than 10 sessions. I no longer experience pain and my posture and breathing are freer and easier. Sessions are affordable and a fabulous non-invasive way to eliminate pain due to pinched nerves or improper alignment. "


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